Thursday, 18 April 2013

Knitted flower Brooches

I knitted these from a kit that came with Let's Knit magazine a couple of months ago.

The yarn is double knitting, really soft and nice to knit with.  I think I'll be making more of these in different colours, a good way to use up some of my stash :-)


  1. They are so lovely Rose. Love the colours you used.

  2. You are so clever Rose, these look fabulous.
    Kevin xx

  3. Rose they are gorgeous knitted flowers. It is defo a great way to use up odds and ends. Been busy this week dying and felting and a bit of home tutoring thrown in. Will have Caleb at home for a few weeks as they have changed his medication and we need to keep an eye on him, but he seems well. Finished Algy's beak felt this week so looking forward to seeing the puppet complete! Hope all is well, my friend Rita that lost her dog has just got a 6mth old Scrufty(Cocker spaniel/poodle cross - lovely!Ahhhhh!) Cheers Claire x

  4. These are gorgeous Rose, just love them. There is definitely something comforting about them, just want to sit and hold them!! Big hugs from Poppy and me xxx