Tuesday, 5 April 2011

Hedgehogs & Ladybird

Late last year we found a baby hedgehog in our garden, he was underweight and unlikely to survive the winter so I took him to our local RSPCA wildlife hospital. On Sunday they phoned to say he was ready to be released back into the wild, so yesterday we collected him, and also another hedgehog and last night let them both go at the bottom of our garden.

We're putting food out for them every night to help them along and we're hoping they'll be regular visitors to the garden.

And this morning while tidying the garden we came across this 7 spot ladybird.


  1. Oh how adorable! These little creatures and ladybirds need all the help we can give them. ie: no pesticides. If you plant a patch of nasturtiums they attract the aphids which will keep the lady birds happy. Oh wow, I just noticed your strawberry photo they look yummy. Take care Hun! xo

  2. Rose, Thanks for sharing the lovely news and the beautiful photos!! :)

  3. I want to come live at the bottom of yor garden! I recon you have your own nature reserve going on there. Rose the boys were supposed to be having a days experience with the ranger at our local country centre yesterday. It was rained off - and today its lovely - typical! Caleb thinks he was going to be trained to be a bounty hunter.....not sure where that came from! Cheers Claire x

  4. How wonderful, hope they come to visit you often. Thanks for sharing this lovely photos. Thanks for the comment on my photos. Hugs Anesha